"A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that taken together, account for a sponsors decision to partner with a particular driver or team over another."


At Jefferson Racing we have partnered with Race Face Brand Development to provide a branding option that can assist and train young drivers to create and promote their own unique brand. This process is extremely important in advancing their motorsports career without regard to their current level of competition.

The strategy implemented by Race Face Brand Development is to provide the required branding resources for drivers to attract marketing partners. Motorsports is different than most other major sports, and RFBD fills a unique gap by assisting in the process of giving drivers/families the tools and resources needed when obtaining marketing partners. Each driver, parents included, involved will have the education, blueprint and the tools to create an exceptional brand that will assist in attracting the necessary sponsorship funding to support a racing career for years to come.


Optional Services... 



Our skilled Team of Designers create stunning, custom-designed, search engine friendly, mobile-ready websites that attract fans as well as potential sponsors. Did you know that most potential sponsors start their research by checking your digital footprint and it all starts with the website?  Hence don’t let your website hold you back. We have the tools, the know-how, and the passion to make your website your greatest marketing tool.



Good logos are critical for race car drivers, as they establish their brand in a way that resonates with its fans.



Marketing decks are visual presentations used by drivers, teams, public relations managers and advertising executives as a snapshot of a given time period for a driver or team. We tell your story through powerful images and content used to open the door to potential marketing partners. Our decks provide the latest in fan demographics and the benefits to potential sponsors on how to reach both consumers and other B2B opportunities.

Want your Marketing Deck to stand out, even more, consider a Digital Marketing Deck. This deck can be shared by simply sending the desired party a URL, the Deck is interactive so you can embed video, website links and it can be updated at any time with just one click.



"Hero cards are a big part of your branding strategy. They help you grow your relationship with fans in the same way that business cards help you grow relationships. Not only do hero cards allow you to promote yourself and your team, but they also give you a very basic and engaging way to showcase partners who support your racing. Every fan wants the opportunity to get an autograph from their favorite driver, you can use hero cards for personal appearances, track meet and greets, but you can and should make them available through your website as well."